About Us

What is Pinnacle Absolute Return Trust?

The Pinnacle Absolute Return Trust or “PART” was created by Pinnacle Asset Management to create an offering that allows our investors to access both public and private investment strategies in a single investment entity. PART provides the investor with the ability to diversify their portfolio into public and private assets while leveraging an absolute return strategy.

Investment Options

PART offers two different classes of units to allow Dealing Representatives and their clients to customize their allocation between a public and private portfolio, based on the investor’s needs.

Investment Thesis

PART seeks to provide investors with a positive return through a combination of two separate portfolios, a private portfolio largely for income with limited capital gains and a public portfolio largely for capital gains.

Pinnacle is the Portfolio Manager of PART, while Fiera Capital is the Portfolio Manager of the Fiera Long/Short Fund, the Public Portfolio for PART.